cold spring harborCold Spring Harbor is located in Suffolk County, New York in the town of Huntington. Cold Spring Harbor is known as a hamlet. A hamlet is an area that is too small to be a village. There are many hamlets located around New York. Located on the shore of Long Island, Cold Spring Harbor got its name from the many freshwater springs that flow through it.

The economy of Cold Spring Harbor originally was shaped by port activities. Currently, the hamlet is a bedroom community, with a small business strip in the center of town. Jobs within Cold Spring Harbor include working at the well-known Cold Spring Harbor laboratory, various Cold Spring Harbor museums and the Farm Sanctuary. The Farm Sanctuary is home to the Nature Conservancy’s Long Island Chapter. There is also an antique gallery where people work to preserve Long Island antiques.

The weather in Cold Spring Harbor varies from warm summers to cold winters, but the spring and fall are quite temperate because of its location on the water. In July, the weather in Cold Spring Harbor can get warm with temperatures reaching in the 80’s. In the summer months, the weather in Cold Spring Harbor is stable throughout the day and night, ranging only 17 degrees on average. Cold Spring Harbor has moderate rainfall with the wettest month being March. The fall is a great time to visit Cold Spring Harbor because the weather is mild and the leaves present their beautiful fall hues. With the leaves changing on the trees and the breathtaking views of the water, Cold Spring Harbor is a great place to visit in the fall.