cold spring harbor attractionsCold Spring Harbor has many historic attractions. The Cold Spring Harbor light is one of the famous attractions around the harbor. For people who are visiting Cold Spring Harbor, they may hear the locals call the Cold Spring Harbor light “the bell tower.” This lighthouse was built in 1890 and marked the entrance to Cold Spring Harbor. In 1965, a private individual purchased the lighthouse and placed it on land.

The Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum opened its doors in 1942. The Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum was opened so that residents and tourists could learn about whaling in the region. This was a very famous industry in Cold Spring Harbor’s past, and the whaling museum showcases artifacts and tools as well as other maritime items that were used.

Eagle Dock Beach is an important beach to popular culture. Eagle Beach is located on Cold Spring Harbor. Eagle Dock Beach is a membership-only beach that is open to residents of Cold Spring Harbor. An interesting little factoid is that Eagle Dock Beach was depicted on the cover of Billy Joel’s first album.

Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery and Aquarium is another attraction in the area. Cold Spring Fish Hatchery is open all year round except for holidays. There are over 30 species of freshwater fish that are native to New York featured at this aquarium. There is also a hatch house where the trout eggs are kept. Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery and Aquarium also features trout ponds as well as warm water ponds. There is also a turtle pond at the Cold Spring aquarium. The hatchery is also home to a snapping turtle named Tiny who weighs 78 pounds and is between 50-100 years old!