Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

cold spring harbor labCold Spring Harbor Laboratory is the pride and joy of Cold Spring Harbor. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory houses a genetics program, cancer research program, and plant biology. James Watson, who was the co-discoverer of DNA, was the Chancellor of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory until 2007.

The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory has a graduate program, which is located in the Watson School of Biological Sciences. In this school, students can earn their PhD in the different biological sciences. There is also room at this facility for post-doctoral research. Cold Spring Laboratory also offers undergraduate study.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory has a very strong presence in cancer research. The cancer center has a wide range of researchers who are studying all forms and components of cancer. They are also doing stem cell research, which is still a controversial subject all over the United States.

There are several forms of genetic studies going on at the university. There are genetic studies being done for cancer as well as mental disabilities such as autism, and schizophrenia. There are also genetic studies being done on DNA. People can visit the Dolan DNA Center located on the campus to learn more about DNA.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory also does research in the field of plant biology. Students are using plant biology to look into the genetics of growing corn and tomatoes. The students studying plant biology are taking some of their time to expand on the work done by Nobel Piece Prize winner Barbara McClintock.

Overall, the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory has many areas of research studies and is a valuable resource for scientific and medical innovations.